DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Alcohol, and a little fall...

I got up at 9:15, and went to Carmichael to meet Steve at 10 to work out. As I was walking toward the gym, one guy was coming back to the parking lot, and yelled to his friend across the lot that they didn't open until 1:00 today. WTF? I called Steve on his cell to tell him, and he said, "Oh, it must be because it's a Holiday weekend." We agreed to meet back at 1:00.

When we got there at one, there were people waiting to get in. We got to the three downstairs elliptical machines just as a woman was getting on the middle one. Steve and I looked at each other as if, "Should we ask her?" and then she said (before we even said anything), "Yes, would you like me to move to this one?" She actually started her sentence with "yes," as if she'd read our minds. Good emotional intelligence. We told her we'd appreciate that.

We started talking -- well, Steve started talking. I was in the middle, so when he was talking to me she, of course, could hear everything he was saying quite clearly. Steve said something about when he gets to his goal that he's going to use Brian's tanning bed. I said, "You'll be wrinkled before you're 40." The girl just cracked up. She said, "I'm sorry, I can't help but hear." We warned her that she was liable to hear a lot over the next 30 minutes listening to us, and we all laughed. She did chime in a couple of times during our conversation and laughed during others. Steve mentioned that he was going to try some turkey bacon, and she said, "Oh it's delicious."

"Do you cook it in the microwave?" Steve asked.

"I cook it in the Foreman," she responded. "It's delicious grilled."

"How long does it take?"

"1 - 2 minutes, literally, that's it."

Steve finished his workout about a minute before I did and went to the restroom while I finished. I said to her, "So have you started dieting with the new year, too?"

"Actually, I started last year for New Year's, and I'm still doing it. I've lost 80 pounds."

"Wow! Good for you! Congratulations."

"Thanks. I still want to lose another 30-40 pounds." She didn't look to me like she had to lose that much more, but I need to lose 40 pounds myself, and people never believe that when I say it. To which I always say, "Trust me. It's not pretty naked." And it isn't.

I burned off 405 calories on the elliptical, and after that Steve and I did our 6.5 laps (1 mile) on the track upstairs, and headed out.

Back at the house, I had a ham sandwich for lunch -- the ham slices lunch entree. This has changed significantly since I had it on this program many years ago. It looks so nasty out of the package, but it is absolutely delicious.

Next, I made room in my pantry for my month's worth of Nutri-food. I put the dinners and breakfasts on one shelf, the lunches on another shelf, and the desserts/snacks in a box on the third shelf. Yay, I can see my kitchen table again. I had some raisins for a snack, and made up about 10 "bags of raisins" for the rest of the week. From a big can, I scooped two tablespoons of raisins into each Baggie, clipped them all together and put them in my pantry, so I can just grab one on the run.

I took a short nap that was not very restful. Robert arrived shortly after I lied down, and he joined me for a nap.

For dinner, I had the cheeseburger entree, which was delicious. It hasn't changed since I was on the program many, many years ago. It was just plain yum. I had steamed broccoli with it, and a small salad. Robert had a Macaroni and Cheese Lean Cuisine, and two hot dogs. Bless his heart having to fend for himself over the next few months, while I have little "other food" around the house.

We got to Flex close to 9:00, and there were only a couple of dancers there. We never did get a good number of dancers there with Carl out of town, Michael sick, and none of "the posse" (of four) there, it was quite slim. I was the only person there who new Georgia Winder (one of my favorite dances), and I did it alone in the middle of the floor while two couples two-stepped in a circle around me.

The Train came on shortly after that, and again, I was the only one there who knew it. I didn't do it alone, and Adam cut the song short. I had a great waltz with Robert, and a good one with Walter. "Waltzing with Walter" sounds like it should be a book or a movie.

There was this little cutie, named Astor, there with his boyfriend, who was handsome enough, too. I did three two-steps with him. I tried to do one with his boyfriend, but by the time he "figured it out," the song ended. Astor said that he (the boyfriend) knew how to two-step, that he did it with his sister at least, but it didn't seem to come back to him if so. I'm sure he was "the lead" with her, as you know how rigid straight people are in partner dancing -- the man always has to be the lead. I don't hold it against them, though. We all know it's not a choice. They were born that way. Born "straight", I mean, not born "knowing the lead". That's something they "choose" to do. But I digress. We tried starting with him as the lead, since I can lead or follow, and that wasn't working, so I whipped him around to the follow. As I said, though, we never could quite get it together before the song ended.

I drank way too much tonight. We did two shots called "Goldschloggers." I'm not sure if that's how you spell that, but that's how it sounded. OMG, they were good -- tasted just like fireballs.

We had intentions of going to the Matisse and Picasso exhibit at the museum after dancing, but by then, I'd had too much to drink, so we didn't.

My Nutrisystem eating guide clearly states, "Avoid alcohol. It's extra calories and it erodes your willpower." We stopped at the McDonald's drive-through on the way home and got a McChicken sandwich. I'm not going to beat myself up about it, though. I had a ton of exercise today, and tomorrow I'm just going to "get back on it."

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