DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A nice ride at Jordan Lake...

I woke up at 8, and called Joe at about 10 after, suggesting we wait until later in the day to decide about riding. We were going to meet at 9 at my place, and head out to Durham. I checked back in with him at about 11:30, and we decided to meet at noon.

I had breakfast, and plotted out our ride, a subset of the 55-mile Jordan Lake ride we did for the Pedal for Pediatrics. I mapped out a route that we could do either about 25 miles or 35 miles, depending on how we were feeling.

Joe arrived just after noon, we loaded the bikes in his truck, and headed to Durham. We parked at the Crossroads Marina, peed in the parking lot, Joe pumped up his tires, and we left on our ride. The weather was cool, but nice, especially on the outbound. We paid the price of a brisk, at times, headwind on the return route. We ended up cutting it off at 25 miles, abandoning the last 10-mile loop. I was pretty tired, mostly due to the headwind all the way back.

We stopped at the Quizno's at the Fayetteville Street / Southpoint exit on the way back. We both ordered a "large" sandwich, with the intention of saving a portion of it for dinner. That didn't happen. I got home at around 4:00. I took a nap from 5-7, and then took a shower before going to Flex.

I got to Flex just after 8:00. They were having an art exhibit there, and the art was screwed into the walls in places. There was a huge curtain, with some art hanging in front of it cutting out visibility to the dance floor from the other half of the bar. It really was not a good set up.

At the end of the evening, "Steven" came across the room and asked me if I two-stepped in addition to line dance. I said, "Yes." "Follow or lead?" "I can do both, but prefer to follow." He took the lead, and we started off dancing "half-time." He wanted to dance faster, and the other two couples on the floor were, so we did. He wasn't that great of a dancer, but we ended the dance doing twirl after twirl after twirl after twirl, which is always so much fun.

That ended up being the last dance, and after all the tables were set back out, I went over and told him that he was welcome to join us over at the table we were sitting at. He was from DC. Robert thought I was interested in him, and didn't know what to do, so didn't come over to the table right away. Eventually he did, though, and eventually the talk (at Steven's initiation) turned to sex. When I went to the bathroom, he asked Robert, if he and I did threesomes. He said he was horny as crazy, and he couldn't believe we were both "tops."

I really didn't like this guy's personality, and when finding this all out after the fact, was grateful that Robert had turned him down. Robert and I talked about the situation once home -- about how he was feeling a little awkward because someone was expressing interest in me in front of him. I like that we can have these kinds of talks.

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