DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Get outta town...

Joe and I left for Charlotte at 1:00. We stopped at Replacements Unlimited on the way, and I exchanged Vivan and Jeff's water goblets for wine stems. Even though they were bigger glasses, they were the same price. Bonus.

We drove through the Wendy's drive-through. Joe got some chicken strips, fries, and a coke. I didn't get anything but ate 90% of his fries. After a little while on the road we dove into the H&D did with Ritz crackers. Yum.

We checked in the the Morgan Hotel & Suites when we arrived, and had a couple of cocktails. Richard called shortly after that. Joe left here around 6:30.

I took a two-hour or so nap. At around 8:00, I walked over to Harper's and had dinner. I had the "Angus Burger" with cheddar, and it came with fries. They were seasoned fries, and I only ate half of them. The burger was delish.

I watched TV, and episode of Will & Grace. Karen just kills me. Grace had taken her to an "outlet mall," to a clothes store, and Karen was just hilarious in there. Grace told her to come over and look at some blouses on a rack. Karen inched her way closer to the rack, and then stuck her arm out slowly, and let the tip of her finger touch one of the blouses, and then pulled it off real quick, like she was grossed out. She just kills me.

Some chick was "stalking" Jack during this episode, too, and it cracked me up, when he finally snapped, and yelled at the woman, "That's it! This is gonna stop now. I'm going to do what Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Moesha have already done to me. I'm calling the cops." LOL. (It wasn't those two actors, but two famous hot actors. I know Moesha was right, because I don't really know who that is, and thought it was a female.)

I got to the Charlotte Eagle just after 11:30. It wasn't too crowded, but a decent sized crowd. They were giving haircuts all night there, and announced at the end of the evening that they had raised $90 for charity doing so. I did my typical bar scene, and talked to no one. One person came up to me during the night, and chatted for a moment about Mykonos. He had gone in 1999.

I left there before 2:00, as I'm pretty sure that they turn the lights on right at 2 there. Back in the room, I flipped through the channels, and came upon an infomercial for Time Life Music, where they were selling an 8-CD set of "Soul Ballads," all of which I loved. "If you buy now, we'll 'throw in' two extra CDs of all-time favorite soul ballad duets." I called, and ordered the set.

Good lord, first I bid on a copy of the first season of Will & Grace on DVD on an auction website, and now I'm buying off an infomercial. It's a slippery slope.

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