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Strings and things...

I got up and fixed Robert a ham salad sandwich, put together two sausage biscuits, and bagged him some chips to take to work. I put all that in a lunch bag, and got back in the bed -- all while he was in the shower. I left the lunch bag on the floor in front of the door, with the light on. Just like Motel 6.

I watched three one-hour episodes of Nova online called The Elegant Universe. This was an amazing three-hour watch, to which I was alerted by brianrdu's journal. Thanks, Brian. The capacity of the human mind to imagine, process, and uncover is mind-boggling. This reminded me that I wanted to see the movie What the bleep do we know? I went to add it to my list of "Movies to See/Rent" in the memo section of my Palm Pilot, and smiled when I found it already in there -- the most recent entry in the list. At least I'm consistent. :-)

What I found the most amazing about this series, other than the places to which it took my mind, was how accessible it was. Just very well done. Before watching this series, if I would have heard the terms "Theory of Relativity" and "Quantum Mechanics" mentioned at a party, first I'd wonder what the hell kind of party I was at, and then feel the glaze settling in over my eyes. But now, each of them would make me go, "Oh???"

Throughout the series, especially from about the 2nd half of episode 2 until the end of episode 3, I kept wondering about the application of the 7 additional dimensions to paranormal goings-on, and was somewhat disappointed that that wasn't at all touched on. I mean, it seems that those dimensions could possibly explain some of the unexplainable (to date) things of that realm.

The other thing I thought of briefly, at the end of this series, is "Am I missing something not having a TV?" Then I thought about the Internet, and the new country song named "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts with the lyrics in the refrain: "God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you."

At around 1:00, I read some of The Nuclear Age, and after about 15 pages, fell asleep. I was in a deep, deep sleep having wild dreams, and the phone woke me. It was Steve, calling me from his mailbox, howling over the card I mailed to him yesterday. In the course of the conversation, it became obvious that the magnet I sent with it was not in the envelope. That sucks. I'll have to see if they have another one at White Rabbit.

I ran to Wal-Mart, and it wasn't too frantic in there. I got a gift card for $100 and another for $50... potentially one for Meagan, Chris, & Nicholas, and the other one for little Michael. Once there, I remembered the photo from Thanksgiving that I wanted to try and enlarge for Christmas. I ran back home to get it, and ran to Sam's with it.

The photo machine told me that this picture would not be good quality at 8x10 due to its resolution. It told me the same thing at 5x7, but I printed four of them at that size anyway. They are not the best -- a little grainy -- but they will do as its literally the only family picture we've had in 14 years. The good thing is that I've found out that my camera doesn't put a big black line across the pictures like it did on some of our Greece photos, which means I can take a couple more pictures on Saturday, assuming Michael makes it.

From Sam's I went to Target and bought three 5x7 picture frames. They only had two of the ones I liked the best, so bought those, and one "next favorite." I tried to buy 1 roll of film to use this weekend. At the 1-Hour photo section in the front of the store, and at the registers, they only had mulitpacks -- three rolls of 24 and one roll of 36, for about $6.50. I asked the guy at the photo section if they had just one roll of film anywhere in the store to buy. I don't think he understood what I was asking, and from what I could understand of him, he said, "no." Unconvinced, I wandered back to the electronics section, where I did indeed find a one-pack roll of film -- only 36 exposures, though, and I really wanted 24. The price? $5.65. Needless to say, I got the multipack at the register.

Back home, I put the pictures in the frames and wrapped them.

I got this huge mother Christmas card from none other than -- the family who runs the Mykonos Grand.

Dactilidis Family wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2005

With a commitment to excellence, we keep improving ourselves for 2005:

Theodoris, our third brother, is graduating from the Swiss School "Les Roches"

Mykonos Grand is a new member of the prestigious "The Small Luxury Hotels of the World"

Petasos Beach is undergoing renovation by upgrading accommodations with a minimalist approach

Petasos Beach & Bay will operate a new 500 sqm Anagennesis Spa Center in cooperation with Pevonia USA

Signed: Myknonos Grand Hotel & Resort and Hotels Petasos Mykonos

That place really is amazing. Looks like they own two hotels on Mykonos.

Joe checked in; we're set for me to pick him up at 3:30 tomorrow. Steve never called, which is just as well. I really didn't feel like going out tonight. I'm going to try and read some more of The Nuclear Age without falling asleep. I can't wait to hear the MSBC bitch about this book. :-)

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