DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Making a dent...

I made a dent in straightening up today. Got all my clothes put away, and my dresser tops cleared off. Still a long way to go.

Also made a dent in the financial end-of-year stuff... downloading to Quicken, and printing off some statements. Miles to go there, too.

Tried to take a nap mid-afternoon, when this unbelievably loud hammering started happening on the roof. Some external repairs going on to the townhouse next door -- must have been right on the line between our places.

Did a load of laundry -- darks.

Ran to the post office to mail Steve's card, and stopped by the grocery store to get some sausage to put in the spaghetti sauce. Bought some "salad in a bag," too.

Made dinner. (See Lightbulb Comment Below)

UPS came while we were taking a quick nap. Robert heard the doorbell ring; I did not. A Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake from Jeanie-baby et.al.

Got to dancing at a little before 9. The posse was there, so that was good. Met Carl's new beau, Don; cute guy, and seems nice. Carl told him that "I was the man" in terms of getting connected to the "local community," referring to TCW.

Steve came a little later to meet someone he'd talked to online, James, who seemed like a nice guy.

I liked that Van played several of the "originals" to the dances, such as Peace Train and Backstreet Attitude. Though, I do love dancing that one dance to Let's Get Loud, and really liked doing Romeo to Up again. Wish he would have played Believe instead of Toxic for MLD.

Carl taught Oooh Ah again for the lesson, to change the last four steps, which we were, evidently, doing wrong. By the end of the night I was tired, and pretty much stopped dancing.

<Lightbulb!>Perhaps having seven cocktails while preparing dinner is not such a great idea. </Lightbulb!>

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