DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Holiday cheer tears...

I went to the Prime Outlets mall near the airport this afternoon. That place continues to be lame. The height of the holiday season, and there were about 25 people in there. I don't know how that place stays in business. There is nothing outlet about the prices in that place, and there are so few stores.

I stopped by Sam's on the way home, and bought myself Turbox Tax as one of my gifts from Mom and Dad.

I received three Christmas cards in the mail today that made me cry. I'm such a big ole girl.


To the One I Love

To understand another is one of life's richest blessings ... and to be understood by another is perhaps love's sweetest, most satisfying gift.



Lots of Love to the one who puts the Merry in my Christmas.


And the "Mary," too! "Happy Hollandaise!" All my love, Robert.


My Brother, My Friend


There's nothing that can compare to the special friendships within a family that grow stronger through the years... And it's nice having that kind of friendship with a brother like you. Have a great Christmas.


John, If I don't say it during the year, let me be sure to say it at this holiday: I love you. This card says it all -- a brother and a friend. I used to take that for granted but with all this conflama and the crazy world we live in, I realize just how special and precious it is! Jeff and I hope that you receive everything you wish for along with health and a long life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you on the 25th. Love Vivian and Jeff


Just for You. Nothing is more beautiful than true kindness from the heart.


To my friend John,
You often lift my spirits with the thoughtful things you do, And when I see your happy smile, it makes me happy, too. I hope you know how good it feels to know someone like you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Love ya! Joe

I picked up around the house just a little, did a load of laundry, made some more ham salad, and wrapped a few more gifts.

I made a "sperm of the moment" decision to go see Closer tonight. )I have two movie coupons expiring on December 31st.) I don't know what I think about this movie. I do know Jude Law's bush near the end was hot. Pschosexual. "Obsessive pshchosexual" might be better. I think that's all I can say about it. The four leads are all beautiful, which makes it pleasant to watch things that aren't necessarily pleasant. Intense at times.

Movie Snopsis: Dan (Jude Law), an aspiring novelist who earns a living writing obituaries, meets Alice (Natalie Portman), who becomes his muse. Through her, he blossoms and becomes confident enough to approach the woman he believes he's in love with, Anna (Julia Roberts), a successful photographer and recent divorcée. After meeting and flirting with Dan, Anna marries Larry (Clive Owen), a handsome, self-assured dermatologist, while carrying on a secret affair with Dan.

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