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Not into out...

We had sausage "biscuits" for breakfast. Yum. We had the rest of the ham salad for lunch.

Robert pointed out Elizabeth Rose Campbell's obituary in the N&O. Weird, knowing someone who was just alive and breathing, and you were talking to about two weeks ago, is no longer here.

ELIZABETH ROSE CAMPBELL, 52, known to many as Betsy, died December 15th in Chapel Hill after a short battle with cancer.

Born March 7, 1952 in Weldon, NC, she was the daughter of Sarah West Davis Campbell and the late Walker Aylett Campbell, granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Davis pf Weldon and the late Dr. and Mrs. Walker Campbell of Old Church, Virginia.

She graduated from Weldon High School in 1970, attended Peace College in Raleigh for one year, then transferred to UNC Chapel Hill, where she majored in Art and Journalism. After graduation, she was an editorial assistant for the "Southern Economic Journal" in Chapel Hill, and was assistant editor of "The Sun" magazine in Chapel Hill for several years. She then joined the staff of the Omega Institute, a conference center in Rhinebeck, NY. During her years in Chapel Hill she developed an interest in astrology, which led to a full time profession and publication of her book, Intuitive Astrology, by Random House. Many of the country's most noted persons consulted her and became fast friends. During her brief illness, friends came from all over the United States to nurture her.

She is survived by her mother, Sarah West Campbell of Chapel Hill; her sister, Kacky Campbell Hammon; her nephew, Walker Hammon of Raleigh, NC. Memorial services will be held in Weldon, NC, Chapel Hill, NC, and Rhinebeck later.

Robert headed back to Chapel Hill at around 1:00.

I went to John Suddath's Open House in the afternoon, arriving at about 3:00. It was a nice little gathering, with good food. There was a young lady there, Eileen, I think, who had just adopted a baby, which she had with her -- Caitlin. She was just adorable.

The conversation got on where people were going for Christmas, and when asked how many people were going to be at my sister's, I explained the word "conflama" and said, "It depends." Once I gave a brief overview of the family dysfunction, Eileen, started on her family's: Well my sister, who we all hate, she is just a horrible human being... and then there's our estranged sister... Gotta love families and the holidays...

One of the later guests turned out to be one of Adam's professors. He was talking about his upcoming trip to Prague, and I said, "Oh, I have a friend who is going to study in Prague next semester."

"Oh? He must be one of my students, I'll bet. What's his name?"

"Adam Bell."

"Yes, Adam is one of my students."

Small world.

I stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home, and bought some furnace filters.

I met Joe to park at Flex, and we called the place at which we were supposed to meet Doug for a Christmas Party. Joe spoke to Robert (Doug's friend) who was already there, and he assured us we were invited, and confirmed our directions. Doug wasn't there yet.

We got there at just after 7, and it looked like no one was there. There were two people standing out front having a smoke, and they watched us as we drove over to a corner of the lot, turned around and left. We were sure we'd be busted later.

We went to have a quick dinner at 2nd City Grill, which evidently has been gone now for two years (I don't believe it), and was replaced by Moe's Mexican Grill (something like that... Moe's something). Who should I see in there, but my neighbor. She was sitting by the window with her girlfriend. I stood in front of the window and made faces at her until she looked out and laughed.

The food was quite good in there. I had a beef burrito. I had a flask of CC with me, and poured a little in my diet coke.

When we got back to Joe's truck, there was a message from Doug, and he was right around the corner at the Cameron Village HT. We drove around the corner, and waited while he ran in with his friend Jodi to buy some beer to take to the party. We then followed him there pretending like we didn't know where it was, not telling him that we had already been there earlier.

There were very few people at this party, and it was no where near as festive as expected. Doug assured us that there are usually about 50 people at this party, with people bringing all kinds of food. There were about 10 people there altogether, and overall, it was a very subdued party. Thank God Joe and I left, and came back, as we would have been sitting there a whole hour before Doug got there, who, if there was any life to the party, added it.

Speaking of that, during the party the phone rang, and Doug, sitting next to it, answered it. It was a telemarketer, and he put his hand over the mouthpiece and said, "I'm gonna fuck with these people."

The owners of the house (a gay couple) said, "Please do."

After a couple of questions, the caller asked, "May I speak to the woman of the house?"

And Doug responded, "Oh he doesn't do women." The place fell out, and he said the lady howled on the other end of the line.

We went to Flex at a little after 10. That asshole that never smiles was at the door, and when I showed him my membership card and my NCSU id, he said, "That'll be $2.00."

I said, "Look, I just talked to Brigner last night, and he said, this is good only on karaoke nights... Sunday and Tuesday."

"Well, I talked to him about a week and a half ago, and he said we're not doing that. And you're the only one who does this."

Oh that was a mistake of a comment. I said, "Look, he said this last night. You guys need to get your shit together on this."

"That's all I know about," he said, took my 2 bucks, and let me in.

Right around the corner, leaning against the glass case there, was Brigner, who said nothing.

I was so through with that place from that moment on. I was not about to buy a drink there. I went up to tell Joe and he handed me one he had already bought me.

I played one game of pool with Joe, lost, and left him to play Robert.

I sat over on the chair by the other pool table for the rest of the time we were there, listening to karaoke, not spending another dime in there.

At about 11:30, a bunch of us headed over to Legends.

The Christmas drag show was actually pretty decent there... quite entertaining.

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