DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Running errands...

I finished up the last of my holiday letters this morning, and addressed cards to the people not on the picture or letter list. I wrapped Robert's birthday gift.

At about 2:00, I ran to the Factory Card Outlet store, and bought cards for Kurt (get well soon), Cathy and Dana (anniversary), a couple of "just because" cards, two packages of red envelopes, and some printer paper to print the Harry & David dip recipe on.

I met Joe at Lily's and we had a killer, killer, killer "Super Duper" pizza.

From there, we went to White Rabbit, where I bought Robert's birthday card, Suzanne's birthday card, and two most irreverent Christmas cards. I also bought a refrigerator magnet for Steve, and this other irreverent card (not Christmas) that I might give to Steve. LOL I can't help laughing when I think about these cards.

Joe rode with me from there out to Babies R Us on Capital Blvd. It wasn't as far out as I thought it was, so wasn't bad at all. I bought a $75 gift certificate for Tara from the book club.

We picked up Joe's car and went to Flex. It was fairly crowded there, but we got the pool table after not too long. We played a couple of games. Joe was playing as horribly as I was a couple of weeks ago. Then "Jim" came up, and said, "Are you using the board?" which by now he knows we never are, but it's his way of letting us know he wants to play the winner.

When we are just about done, I see him over watching the other table next to the "Prison" or "Police" t-shirt guy, who also plays on the "good" table, and I walk over and say to Jim, "Why don't you play him (pointing to the guy next to him). We're done, and we really don't want to play against good people."

Later we got the table back, and Robert and Joe played a few more games.

Karaoke started at about 9:45, and Tony was in drag, as is usual now. Later he changed into this sleazy outfit -- complete with black fishnet stocking, saying, "It's Patrick's birthday, and I wanted to put on something nice for him."

I left there at about 11:30, and Patrick had yet to arrive.

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