DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Holiday greetings...

I spent practically the entire day on getting my holiday greetings done. I finished addressing the picture card "Peace from Greece," wrote my holiday letter, and printed and addressed them.

I ran to the post office at about 10:00 to get 120 holiday stamps. It was crowded, especially for a Saturday, but not outrageous.

I got to the EAGLE Holiday Party at about 8:15. It was actually a fun party. When we first arrived we got the name of a famous person stuck to our back, and had to walk around asking yes or no questions to try and guess who we were.

Am I a woman? (Yes)
Am I white? (Yes)
Am I a singer? (No)
Am I a politician? (Yes)
On the Federal level? (Yes)
Am I Hillary Clinton? (No)
Have I served in, or have I represented NYC? (No)
Am I tall? (Yes, very!)
Am I married? (a resounding NO!)
Am I Janet Reno??? (Yes!)

Robert was Judy Garland. We spent a fair amount of time with Julie and Lori, while they tried to guess who they were. Julie was Sally Field, and Lori was Shirley MacLaine.

The gift exchange was fun, and our two Irregardless gift certificates were very popular -- each being "stolen" the maximum of 3 times.

From there, we met Joe at CCs. We all spent some time in the piano bar, and sang along with some of the songs. "O Holy Night" was a common request, which I found out when I requested it. It was the third time that night it had been requested.

Robert left shortly before I did as he had to work in the morning. On the way home, I turned on my phone, and had a message from him that he had decided to drive straight home to avoid any potential road construction traffic in the morning.

It was a fun night.

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