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We had book club lunch today. Uneventful. I finished up my PBCs (wow, I got a lot done last year!), and submitted them, leaving work at about 6:05.

I met a311renegade at Carmichael, and I got an elliptical machine by the "fountain of hotness." It was only a "medium hot" night. One or two stellar bodies... the rest not bad enough to look away. :-) I did 30 minutes, and burned 400 calories. We walked one mile afterwards.

I stopped at the Food Lion on the way home.

I had email from Dr. Katz:


You didn't need to obsess--or perhaps it was your obsessing that made the paper so good. This is fascinating! You took a topic that is much discussed and brought a whole new perspective to it. I think this paper is wonderful. You might consider submitting it to Technical Communication--I think others would find it eye opening and helpful. You might need to add more to the Myers-Briggs section to clarify for those who aren't as familiar with it (or is everyone familiar with it?). It would definitely be worth a quick note to George Hayhoe to see if he would be interested--I think he's still the editor.

At any rate, here you go--the full boat--200 points for the project (that's an A+) and an A for the course (1062 points out of 1100).

I really enjoyed having you in class. Thanks for being such an active participant. I look forward to seeing you--around the halls if not in class--in future semesters.


This made my day and night! I had quite a long AIM conversation with Tanaya. She was going crazy waiting for her grade(s), and then they came in. She 'bout had an orgasm. She got an A on the paper and and A in the class. She was beside herself. She made me play her, "Give me a hypothetical situation..." game.

At about 10:00, I cut the conversation off, and went down to Flex for a bit. I sat with Michael L., and a friend of his Scott, who is an anesthesiologist who said he hadn't had sex with a guy in four years. Michael sang a few songs, one being a request of mine... O Holy Night. He really does have a great voice.

That Josh guy, OMG, he sang the SAME, wait did I say sang, I meant SCREAMED, SCREECHED, HOWLED the same songs he did at Sunday night's karaoke. OMG. And brags, "I don't need a microphone." No, missy, you sure as hell don't. This is one of those classic psychological cases, in which, I'm sure, if you could list on one side of the paper what he thinks people think of him, and on the other side, what people actually do think of him, there would be maybe one thing, if anything at all that would be common to both lists.

I left there when he started wailing his third or fourth song. GOD.

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