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A bust...

The citations took way longer than I anticipated, and I ended up submitting my paper at 11:56, just under the noon deadline. I had to submit it without even reviewing it. Of course, I did after I submitted it, and of course I found a few things wrong, one being that I had inadvertently cut out one of my citations, which just happened to be the work that was most germane to my paper. Grrrrr!

I corrected a couple of spacing problems I saw, and added the citation back in. I sent a note to Susan (since I couldn't resubmit it online through Wolfware), saying that "just for completeness" I had added in a citation I left off in the Wolfware copy, and attached a copy of the corrected paper. This was at 5:07.

After that, I noticed that I had added the citation in out of order. It began with Wo and I stuck it before the one that began with Wi. GRRRR! I sent one more note with that corrected copy attached that said:

P.S. I have now officially stopped OBSESSING over this paper!

She responded to that e-mail saying, "I'll use this copy."

I met Joe for dinner at NY Pizza. Hot boys all around in the place -- as usual. We each had a slice and a half, and a drink.

We got to Flex at around 7:30. No one was at the door. We looked in and saw Brigner behind the bar, and one person sitting at the bar, this guy who is always in there, one you don't want to talk to.

We went over to the Flying Saucer, and had the "pint size for $2.50" special. I had an Amstel Light and Joe had a Bud Light. He had a second beer, and I got a Jack & Diet. We ordered the nachos and queso appetizer, presumably to wash down that pizza. It was killer. Joe had one more beer, and then we went back to Flex. Oh yeah, that Jack & Diet was 6 bucks, and it was small. Won't be having that there again.

Back at Flex, there were a lot of cars outside, but inside, about four people. It never really got any better. We played a game of pool, and then that guy that always has on a black t-shirt with something either "prison" related or "police" related or something like that on it came up, and just stared at us playing.

We called it a night early. I was home by 10:00.

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