DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Too late a night...

I dropped Courtney off at the airport on the way home.

Class was very rushed tonight. Dr. Dicks arrived five minutes late, then took five minutes to set up the audio/visual equipment. We were already going to be rushed trying to get 11 presentations in had we started on time.

I did my presentation after Erin, and asked her if she would please advance my slides for me. It went fairly well, and was quick as requested. Tanya was near the end, and after talking about the first seven of about 18 citations, Dr. Dicks said, "Tanya, you're going to have to stop on those now, and just skip to your wrap-up."

I think we got to all but one person's presentation, though we ran over. Also, I believe that one person had chosen a topic that didn't have any published work on it. She sent a note to Dr. Dicks about it, and he said, "Yeah, I know there's no work on that topic. That's what I wanted you to find out. You're done."

Brian did not come to class. I wonder if he'll get points off for not presenting. I was surprised that Lars' presentation didn't go smoother. It wasn't bad, but he's such an over-achiever, I expected it to be better.

I met Joe at Flex at about midnight. At around 2:00, we left and went over to CCs to "check out the dark scene" over there, that Loren had told us about. We had to pay 8 bucks to get in, and when we went to the bar, David F. looked at the clock, which read, "2:10," and said, "We're not serving any more." We were totally bummed out. The place was fairly packed, and there were about 5 white guys in the place, counting me and Joe.

We were so bummed out about not being able to get a drink, that after about 10 minutes, we decided to go to IHOP for a mid-morning breakfast.

We got seated at a table-for-two with just a little railing between our table and the table-for-four on the other side of the railing. There were two couples sitting there, and I guess the one girl caught Joe and I looking at "her man," one two many times, and she started with some loud, rude remarks. She was so nasty -- white trashy mama, who made you wonder what that guy was doing with to begin with. It was unpleasant for about 5 minutes, and then she gave it a rest.

I had a club sandwich. It was delicious. Joe had an omelet. It was too late a night to be out during the week.

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