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The day flew by at work today, which was great. Put the finishing touches on the W2K Installation Guide, incorporating edits back from Casey and Kim. Sent it to Tracey in Austin for copy editing. During the day Casey mentioned getting together for dinner tonight to finish up the "meat in a bag" that Sam left him when he cleaned out his fridge before returning to Raleigh. He left work not mentioning it again, so I thought he'd changed his mind about it.

At around 7:00, he Sametimed me from the hotel, and asked if I was still interested in dinner. Also, he had rented a movie, "drift," and said I was welcome to watch it with him. I said I'd leave by 7:30, and could be at his place by 8. He said he'd have dinner ready.

I arrived right at 8, and dinner was just about ready. We had an "appetizer" of chips and salsa, and then ate the bag meal, which I thought was pretty good -- but then again I'm used to Lean Cuisine and frozen meals. :-)

We watched the movie "drift," which I didn't realize was a "gay" movie until I got there and read the box. It started off a little questionable, but overall it was interesting. It had three different endings (a la Sliding Doors), and I actually liked one of the endings. :-)

All in all, a good night, and the countdown to home decrements by one. :-)

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