DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

No, they did not name that product that...

I worked from home today.

Class was fun tonight; Megan and Jerry presented on Collaboration, which started off with a real fun group exercise. Each of us in a group of about 7 took on roles on a team at "Delusional Enterprises."

Each person had an agenda that we presented to the group, and each had a "personal agenda" that we kept to ourselves, but expressed through our interaction. Our group performed fairly well, and we laughed a lot.

This was another very good presentation. Everyone has done a very diligent job so far. I've been impressed, entertained, and educated. I hope ours stacks up.

After class, I dropped some cards into the mailboxes in front of the post office on Oberlin, and ran into the Harris Teeter for a few items. In one of the deep freezers, my eyes caught hold of some frozen things -- in big boxes maybe 15" by 12" by about 8" deep -- like a whole frozen turkey could fit in them.

I began to read what it was: "A combination of turkey, duck, and chicken...," and much to my horror the name of the product caught my eye. This is not the brand name, this is what the product is.


Turducken? Who names a product starting with those four letters!?! Pass the turd please.

I guess they tried all permutations of the thing: chickenducktur sounded too much like someone riding in a caboose and duckturchicken sounded too much like someone you'd call for an appointment if you weren't feeling well. "Yeah, turducken, that's it!"

Beside the big boxes in the freezer, was a stacked row of smaller boxes: "turducken breasts." Just in case you can't eat the whole thing, I guess.

Once home, I checked my email from Robert. It made me want to hug him and cuddle with him, and I grabbed my toothbrush and drove to Chapel Hill. I got there at about 11:20, and called him from my cell phone outside the door.

"Hello handsome. I'm sorry to be calling so late. Thanks for picking up."

"Hi! It's okay. I had my headphones on. I'm glad I heard it."

"I just thought I'd call and see if you're available for cuddling."

"Huh? Cuddling?"

"Yeah, you know a hug, and some cuddling."

"Now? Where are you?"

"I'm outside your front door."

Hug and cuddle we did.

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