DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The class from hell...

OMG. Tonight's class was unbelievable... totally off kilter, as the syllabus doesn't currently reflect where we are. What the syllabus said:

Nov 18D6, Managing Yourself

which means, Chapter 6, named Managing Yourself, in Dr. Dicks' book.

Okay, so the problem with this is that Dr. Dicks already discussed the things in this chapter during our class on Tuesday, since Michelle finished 45 minutes before class was scheduled to end. And, obviously, nobody read it again for tonight, because probably like me, when they looked at it thought, "Oh, we already discussed that," and blew it off.

So Dr. Dicks starts the class off by saying, "Okay, I'm not going to do any talking tonight. I'm going to let you talk. What are some questions, or examples, you have about the reading for tonight's class?"

Here comes the stories from the storytellers. Oh my god. I so wanted to recant the stories here, but there were too many, and I can't remember enough of them to do them justice. Erin, me, Brian, and Amelia and Lars, our eyes rolled so many times -- it was just excruciating. God, I wish I'd had a tape recorder.

Snippets to maybe help me remember for a story at the end of the semester: Megan's "Biological Clock" comment. Angel's "my first-husband" comment. Tanya's "morning coffee" story. Angel's entire family's "biological clock" story.

After class, I worked on my "Individual Team Member Evaluation" for my project notebook.

Joe checked in, and we agreed to meet at Flex at 11:00. We did, and in spite of the crowd, we pretty much had most of the time there to talk to each other without interruptions. Patrick was the emcee for the show, which always makes it more palatable.

I left some time after 1:00, stopped at the Wendy's drive-thru, and got home around 1:30.

At around 2:00 or 2:15, Joe called. "John, I've wrecked my truck. I fell asleep at the wheel, and run head on into a guardrail."

"I'll be right there, Joe."

He shimmied the car sideways, so it looked "parked" there, and I arrived, and took him home.

Thank God my friend was okay.

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