DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A little change of pace...

I worked at home in the morning, and went into work just before lunch.

Joe called mid-afternoon to ask about going out to dinner. We agreed to meet at Chili's in Cary at 6:00. I had the Lettuce Wraps, he ordered nachos for us for an appetizer and the Mushroom Burger for himself. Yummy all the way around.

We decided to start off the evening at The Longbranch. He'd never been there, and it's been quite a while since I've been. We had to "mind the dress code," so I couldn't wear shorts.

It wasn't at all crowded in there, especially on the country side. There was a live band playing on the Top-40 side, and there was a fairly decent sized crowd in there. Both of us noted how "weird" it was to see men dancing with women. There were certainly some hotties in there, but more so on the country side, actually. The little room that they usually keep the little dance floor open for practicing two-stepping in was being used for Karaoke. That's the first time I've ever heard of that there. When we dropped in that room, a girl and a guy were doing a duet -- some song about "It's getting hot in here." The recording they were singing with had a lot of background singers with it, because several times they weren't moving their lips but someone was singing. There were a lot of heavy women in the place.

At one point, we came back from the Top-40 side to the country side, and they were playing "Strokin," to which they were doing the Tush Push. I ran out on the floor and joined them. This cute, short, older lady (well probably early 50s) smiled at me as I took a spot next to her. After the dance finished, I was facing her back, and she turned around, smiled at me, and walked over with her palm in the air for a high-five. Not really sure what it meant, but it was a nice gesture.

We left there at about 12:15, and I changed into shorts in the parking lot. We went to CCs, where the drag show started a little late, around 12:45. The "lead" was Miss Gay US of A Dallas City County World or some such nonsense as that. She was a chubster, but more on the entertaining side than not. I said hey to Dwight and Doug. We saw Wayne there, the guy who played pool with us a couple of Sunday's ago, and then sang Karaoke. He was with two little twink friends of his, and they headed to Legends right after saying hello to us. Joe spent a lot of time talking to "Bob," a friend of his from Fayetteville, who he hadn't seen for a while.

We left there, I don't know maybe 1:30, and on Dawson St., near the intersection with Martin, this drunk guy was in the middle of the road walking toward my car. He moved as I got near him, but I then had to stop for the light. He walked up to my car, and I cracked my window. "I need a ride to Trinity Grove," or something like that, he said. I said, "Man, you'd better get out of the road before you get killed." The light turned, and I went on.

Joe was behind me, and I called him. He said, "What was that all about?" I told him, and he said, "I know where that is. It's right on my way home. I think I'm going to turn around and go see if he still needs help." Bless his horny mess. :-)

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