DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Jiffy Lubed...

I got my oil changed, and my tires rotated at Jiffy Lube today.

Mike called, and we talked about Thanksgiving. He won't come if Lisa, Doug, or his kids or grandchild will be there. He told me that Lisa had pretty much coerced him into signing parental termination papers for Michael so Doug could adopt him. Understandable how he couldn't have dinner with all of them right now.

I checked in with Vivian, and we decided it would only be our immediate family -- Mom, Dad, Vivian, Jeff, Michael, and possibly his girlfriend, if she will come when he asks her.

Gotta love family drama.

I met Joe at Main Garden for a Chinese buffet dinner. The desserts were disappointing. They had four ice cream cannisters... all with maybe enough in them that if you scraped it good you'd get a cone's worth of ice cream.

I asked the lady working there, "Is there any more ice cream?"

"No today. Come back tomorrow. Ice cream man come tomorrow."

I had to bite my tongue from saying, "Back tomorrow. Ice cream free?"

We played beaucoup games of pool at Flex. Joe and I played a few games, and then Rick E. and I played as a team against Joe and Robert (Doug's friend). Rick and I won three games, they won one. Who's counting?

At one point, Robert did a "Southwest" and sent the cue ball off the stage, and behind the speakers. I used my cue stick to pull it forward, and it rolled up under the stage. Gone. Unretrievable. Patrick brought out another one from the back, not before I laid down on that nasty stage to feel under it for the ball -- to no avail, but a purple stain across my ibm.com sweatshirt. Grrrrr! I hope it comes out. I felt some kind of cylindrical thing under there, perhaps a Chapstick tube -- but no rats, at least.

I left after the first Karaoke song started, and got to bed at a decent hour.

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