DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,


The mail: I paid the renewal on my "Umbrella Insurance," $137. Who knew they'd have a separate insurance policy for your umbrella? (Ba-dump-dump! We're here all week, folks!) I paid next semester's tuition, $1664.00. I mailed a birthday card to Vivian, and a "just because" card to Jeanie-baby. I returned my proxy vote for some mutual fund I'm invested in.

Phone calls: HRC called me once again. The lady was real nice, and I let her go through her spiel. Then I said, "You know, I really appreciate the work you're doing, but I can't help out this time. And, would you please remove me from your call list? I get enough correspondence from you guys through the mail and over the Internet."

"Oh, I sure will. Thinks for hearing me through."

"No problem, and again, thanks for the work you're doing."

An hour before class I wrote up my question/observation/example homework for 518.

Class was alright tonight. Erin and I behaved. Dr. Dicks stopped teaching at 7:00, and used the last 15 minutes to hand back our questions/observations/examples from the last few classes, since he'd gotten behind on them with his being sick. I got two checks and two check pluses.

I made a "big ole salat" when I got home. Yum.

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