DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Skipped dancing...

I spent the entire morning working on CI-105 stuff for Becky. I met with Mark Wright to learn how to look for TFSAs in RETAIN. I spoke with Linda T. about how she did the CI-105 stuff for Enterprise. I summed up my morning's findings to Becky.

Class was fun tonight.

Erin and I were passing notes back and forth like grade school kids. We were cracking each other up.

I wrote about Rick as he was yammering: "I'm so glad he's not my husband."

She wrote back to me as Susan was responding: "I'm so glad she's not my wife." (Which is just hysterical, since she's not a Lesbian -- neither Susan nor Erin -- discuss!.)

When Meagan was yammering about something I wrote: "She makes me glad I'm gay."

Then cute Brian made some comment, and I wrote: "He makes me glad I'm gay."

She wrote back: "He knows the most obscure facts. I would love to know what he reads."

I wrote: "I would like to spy on him."

She wrote: "Me, too!"

I wrote: "I would pay to watch you two."

She wrote: "That would make an interesting [drawn heart] [drawn triangle]."

Rick got to yammering again at the end of class. He always has to give the history of his comment along with his comment.

I wrote: "Here comes a boring story with all the details."
Then, as my watch read 8:45: "Oops! Out of time. So sad."

We're bad. On the way out Amelia said to me, "I saw you two writing notes back and forth. You should see the ones me and Courtney write!"

Is anyone paying attention in this class? LOL

I was not feeling great after class. I drove by Flex. Robert's car wasn't there. There weren't hardly any cars there, actually -- none along Hillsborough Street, where we usually park, and only one in front of the door. That was it. I kept right on driving and came home.

I used the heating pad on my back and then on my neck. I worked on a couple of crossword puzzles. Nice relaxing night.

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