DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Schema shschema...

I attended an ITIM meeting with Corey W. from Irvine. It was good to put a face with a name. I had always thought he was a black guy. I'm not sure why; I've never spoken to him. I think maybe because the last person I met named Corey was black. Dumb reason.

I canceled my 1:00 meeting, as there were no items waiting to be closed, and the Austin folks were heads down getting ready for their external audit, which starts tomorrow.

I attended the "Adopting a Component-based Development Model" presentation in B500 from 3-4. It was actually interesting, and encouraging to see the effort that's going into this paradigm shift.

Class was pretty decent tonight. It started off with Dr. Katz announcing that we'd have no final in this class. Yippee. Rick got immediately concerned about not having the 100 points available, to potentially, I guess, bring up his other assignment grades if he needed to. He actually asked if he could have a final if he wanted one, to which I replied, "I know you're not speaking for the class." Laughter all around. Except from Rick. She said no, and he got out a calculator, and started punching away at it. Bless his mess.

We tried to apply Kostelnick's schema (inter, intra, super, supra) to annual reports. Erin and I worked on the Anheuser-Busch one, and we did a pretty decent job if I may say so myself. We spent most of the time discussing that article, and about 15 minutes on the other one.

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