DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Brunch @ Irregardless...

Robert and I met Wes, Jon, Frank, and Jeff for brunch at Irregardless at 11. Frank and Jeff arrived at about 11:15. I really didn't think Wes would make it, and was so glad he did. Jon wasn't on the invitation list that I saw, but we just scooted closer together making our table for five a table for six. No problem.

Robert had the french toast, and I had the "Garden Fritata," which was absolutely delicious. Wes told the most hilarious story about his grandmother, how around the table at a holiday, he asked her, "Grandma, you've been on this earth for 95 years now, what haven't you done that you'd like to still do."

"See a porno movie," she responded much to everyone's shock. Wes immediately engaged her, as the rest of the family's heads faced directly down to their plates. "Well there's all kinds of porn, grandma, gay, straight, masturbation, oral sex, what do you want to see?" More faces in the plates.

He said that she said she'd never had oral sex; that when she was young, her husband only bathed once a week, and she wasn't going to put something that dirty in her mouth. Something to that effect. We were all dying. Too funny.

I did homework most of the day, taking an hour or so break for a nap, along with Robert.

Joe and I didn't check in today, and I just assumed he'd be at Flex, since I'd mentioned to him last night when we saw him briefly that I was planning to go. I got there at 7. By 8, he hadn't arrived. Michael L. loaned me his phone, and I called him. He was at Wendy's, had just left me a message on my cell phone, and was on his way.

We played lots of games of pool, and overall it was an enjoyable night. Andre wasn't there, and David B. was hanging out with someone he knew there.

We went to the IHOP and had a late night snack. I had the Pigs in a Blanket. Yum. Rob and Stephen were there, too.

We went to Legends, and saw the show. That guy that does Reba performed, and he did a duet with another drag queen (to a Reba song), which I just love (the song). The performance was okay, but not great, on that particular song.

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