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Working weekend...

A lot of folks are working today -- writers, testers, and some developers. Things are not going well. Everyone arrived at about 9, 9:30. Last night's build didn't get run for some reason. After a few phone calls, that got started. An hour or so later it finished, and the build didn't work. Another one started. Raleigh is trying to download a build there -- it's taking 3 hours to download. Not a good thing that this close to ship, stuff still isn't working.

I made great progress on the Installation Guide, though, so feel pretty good personally. I got all the Single Server information incorporated, touched up the "aesthetics" of the document, and have it already for Casey to use in the morning when he installs the next good build. That'll be a great way for him to review it and for it to get a "usability" test. He is as committed to it being good as I am.

I got back to the hotel just after 6:00, and started two loads of laundry. When I got down there, only one washer was empty, which I loaded my darks into and started. Another one was done, but still had clothes in it. I pulled one of those wire carts with wheels with the extension up from it to hang clothes over to the washer and emptied the contents of the washer into it. It was mostly (hotel) towels and there pairs of grey Tommy Hilfiger jockey shorts. I was thinking "how hot," and "a little waistband, too."

I went up to the room for about 20 minutes. When I got back down there the darks were done. I started taking them out and they were drenched. Evidently the "final spin" cycle never ran. Unfortunately, with these "commercial washers," there's no knob to turn to just run the spin cycle. I had to run through the entire cycle again. Grrrrr! (Not my idea of fun on a Saturday night!)

By the time I got that started, the white load had finished. I put them in the dryer, and as that load I had taken out of the washer was still in the basket I had put them in, I put them back in the washer. It was obvious they had been removed and replaced, though, as they were no longer smashed up against the side of the tub as they are after a spin.

I went back upstairs, and came back down in 20 minutes. The whites had stopped spinning in the dryer, but weren't quite dry. I pushed the "quarters slot" in to restart the dryer. (Both the washers and dryers had the four slots to put quarters in and then push to start, but they were all free. You just pushed it in without putting the money in and they started.)

Shortly after that the darks finished their second time through, and as I was moving them into the dryer, the owner of the load I had transferred in and out of that washer showed up. A petite Asian woman. I almost said, "You go with your bad-self men's jockey underwear, girl!"

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