DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

All election's eve...

I got in bright and early today. I updated the 30 or so issues in the verifying stage with new 12/31/04 end dates. I prepared the agenda for my 1:00 meeting.

I had a turkey and swiss sandwich for lunch, with some cole slaw.

My 1:00 meeting went very well.

I left work at about 3:45 for my appointment with Nathan. It was a good session. We got all of my beneficiaries redone to sync up with my latest will update. We talked about the new funds coming available in IBM's TDSP at the beginning of the year, and planned our strategy for that.

We talked briefly about politics, and I found out that he is a democrat. I had pegged him for a republican from a fiscal point of view, but a democrat from a social point of view -- not unlike myself. Nice to know the social side won out for him, too. :-)

Also, during the course of this conversation, he mentioned that he was single. This seems like new news to me, though I don't know if I have just assumed he's married all this time, or he has said things in the past to make me think he was married. I'll have to ask him about it next time.

We talked briefly about potential strategies should I get laid off and decide to not work for 4-5 years -- to complete my Masters and Ph.D., should I get accepted into the program -- all conjecture at this point. He said he'd run some numbers for me, and we can talk about some options next time if I want. Cool.

Class was interesting tonight. I felt very ignorant, as the topic turned to world history while discussing Dr. Steven Katz article on "Just's" "nearly perfect" memo -- from a technical writing point of view, but monstrous from an ethics points of view. That Rick just goes on way too long. I liked him at first, but he's starting to get on my nerves now. He said the same damn thing about three different ways tonight, and seems to have no self-awareness that he's yammering. A couple of people tried to comment on what he'd said, and in a couple of instances, he talked right back on top of them after already having his 10 minutes to make his points (over and over).

I told Erin about http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=chapstick+addiction

I received a great return email from Bill Kratt about the letter I was going to send to Wyrick, Robbins... He's going to take $400 for doing my will instead of $654. He's a gentleman and a scholar. The next time we do business, we'll spend more time up front "clarifying expectations."

The satellite article I requested from the library arrived in my email today. I love that service.

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