DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Readin' and writin'...

I spent the entire day reading next week's assignments.

I ran to the post office and checked the TCW mail. Good news -- a letter from the IRS saying we no longer owe the $1900 they had assessed us in "penalties."

I finished the readings through Tuesday night, taking some notes to refer to for Monday night's class. I got my stuff together for the library tomorrow -- need to read one article and then write my Literature Review, which is due Wednesday. While there, I also need to investigate a few things for my sections of our Group Project.

I had a big old delicious salad for dinner. Yum.

I took a nap from 10PM to 11PM. I got to Flex at about 11:30. It was crowded, but not as crowded as I thought it would be. I spent time talking with Rick E. as he lusted after the guy in the black t-shirt with the beard. I had to concur. Missy was there dressed up as some kind of soldier. I thought he looked like Saddam Hussein; not sure if that was what he was going for, but that's how it came across to me. He leached onto this guy (no surprise), and the guy leached back (big surprise). I guess there is someone for everyone. I hope so.

Ben and Dale were there, and then (White Rabbit) Chris arrived, dressed as a parachuter. At one point in the evening, his shirt was open, and I was shocked to see that he was totally hairy on the chest and stomach. I never would have guessed. He said he'd seen Steve and Joe at the party, and that they were on their way.

Next, Will appeared -- shit-faced. And shortly after that, Steve and Joe -- shit-faced. Things had not gone well with Steve's "date" at the party, so there was a little bit of drama around that, as he (the date) was at Flex as well.

You know that feeling, when everyone around you is shit-faced, and you're not? Yeah, that one.

In a little bit, Van and Adam arrived as "Bo" (?) and Ham from To Kill a Mockingbird. Adam's outfit looked like quite an ordeal to make and wear, and he didn't seem to be having that good of a time in it. At one point he lit a cigarette, and I said, "Oh, smoked ham."

I did not see the costume contestants at all, as I was on the bar side of Flex, and it was being held on the stage, a la Trailer Trash Drag setup. I think Van and Adam one in the Most Original category, but I'm not positive. Adam took the costume off as soon as he came off the stage. Van's gig was basically that he had white stuff all in his hair to make him look like an old man, which was successful.

I was going to go home from there, but Ben asked me to go to Legends with them, as he had never been before. Steve went home, and me, Joe, Ben, and Dale went to Legends. It was 8 bucks to get in there, and it was jammed. We walked all through the bar showing it to Ben, and then over through the courtyard to the View to show him that. Tony and Tim were standing on the stairs dressed as, you guessed it, cowboys -- jeans, black t-shirt, and black cowboy hats. About as original as my shorts and t-shirt outfit. Tony twisted my nipple a little bit. Grrrrrrrrr.

I ran into Ray and Javier, and told them that I had seen State Fair pictures of them in a blogger's online journal. They were intrigued, figured out who it was, and asked me to send them a link to the blog.

I had no drinks at Legends, and the boys continued to slam them down. At some point, I lost them all, renewed my membership as they had a little table set up in a corner and were running a special to renew -- usually $20; tonight $10.00 -- and left.

I stopped at the Cameron Village HT on the way home, and bought bagels, hot dog buns, and two CPK Thai Chicken pizzas, which they never seem to have at Food Lion. At home, I had me two hot dogs, which were yum.

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