DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom...

I worked from home today, and spent the entire day configuring the new QMX databases. Jason spent a half hour on the phone with me from Austin teaching me a few things. Progress is good, but it's tedious work, so taking time.

The exterminator came a little after 4:30.

Shortly after that, I had an AIM conversation with Jay, at the end of which he mentioned that Wayne was on his way over to pick up his desks, which he's donating to the TCW Rummage Sale tomorrow. I ran over there and gave him Will's stuff to give to Wayne -- a great opportunity to save me a trip to MCC this evening. He got new carpet and living room furniture, and the place looks great.

Me, Robert, and Joe went to Arby's for dinner, and then to see Gregor in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom playing at NCSU. I thought they did a good job for a local production. Of course Whoopie did a better job in the Broadway version than the local actor did in this production, but it was nice to be reminded of that production, and trip with my parents to see that play along with Don Quixiote and The Lion King.

Back at the house, Joe left for home, as did Robert, and I ran over to the Food Lion to pick up a few groceries.

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