DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Interviewed! Registered! Danced!

Peg came to IBM today to interview me for her ENG 512 project. We stared off in my office, and when Rhonda arrived, moved to the lounge area by the printers. It was an interesting exercise answering her questions, as it made me think about some of the "subconscious" things that are going on while I work.

I attended the Closing Meeting of the ISO audit to receive the official word that we were being registered! Super-dooper -- 1.5 - 2 years worth of effort coming to fruition.

I met Randy downstairs at the (coincidental) Tivoli Social going on, and we had a couple of beers, and some munchies -- which this time consisted of fried chicken tenders with a choice of sweet & sour or BBQ sauce, cocktail wieners stuffed in little crescent phyllo wraps, tortilla chips with salsa sauce, and a variety of veggies with a ranch dip available. I had two Michelob Lights. Randy had two Guinness Ales.

Class was canceled tonight, so I took advantage of the time to get a haircut. I got there at about 15 minutes before closing. There was only one stylist there, and she was vacuuming. I know she hated to see me coming. Surprisingly, she had no attitude, and was even a little chatty while cutting my hair. We talked about going to the fair and eating there. I mentioned something about you never know what you're getting there, and she said, "Well I always say my blessings over my food before eating it, so I feel pretty good about that.

I reminded her of the "bean man," who is still missing in action as far as I know. He's the one that catered a missionary baptist church function some time last year, giving a boatload of the attendees, all of whom prayed over their beans before eating them I'm sure, some kind of food poisoning. His trial just came up in the last two weeks and he didn't show up. Beans on the run. Bless his mess.

Dancing was lightly attended tonight. Only the two Stevens from the posse were present. The little Doug, Kevin, and that blind guy whose name I don't know were present. Robert stayed home. For a few of the dances, it was only Carl and me dancing. For some of the others, it was only me and Steven dancing.

At the end of the night the Alison Krauss version of "You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All" came on and I ached for a dance with Robert.

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