DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

No nonconformances!

I skipped the TIGR meeting today to create three TSIB issues before the audit started at one o'clock. I wanted to make sure we had records for "Creating PPDs and PCDs for Components," for the "QMX for Team Controlled Documentation Prototype," and for the "Revising the Security Projects PPD Template Guidelines," in case those items come up during the audit.

The audit started at 1:00, and covered only three areas: the project kickoff meeting, the quality plan, and the code inspection process. We received no nonconformances, which rocks! I just kept fidgeting the whole time -- aware of the minutes ticking away, with no nonconformance noted as each minuted passed. This is really going to help the morale of the teams, and delight management. Yippee!

Class was interesting tonight as we had a guest speaker from SAS. I happen to know he's family, which right or wrong, makes him more interesting to me as a person, and I loved his presentation -- not so much for its content as for what it revealed about him as a person -- he's highly intelligent, is passionate about language, has high expectations of his colleagues, and has a deep commitment to simplification in communication. He also made me laugh. Oh yeah, his ass was pretty hot, too.

Once home, I saw in my e-mail that Dr. Katz had graded our Methods Analysis papers. I was ecstatic to find mine graded with an A+. Very cool, and what makes it cool to me is that a month ago, I would have had no tools with which to write this paper. Now, a month later not only am I aware of what to look for when I analyze the results of an academic study, I have the vocabulary to describe what I see.

Good day all around for me.

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