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Dance! Dance! Dance!

Work is getting crazy now. What a day! It made me start thinking about my work, and how I've not really been into it since I've become a writer. The experience here, working directly with the testers, has made a huge difference. I'm really into it, and excited about the product I'm producing. On the ITIM project the testers were in Austin. That really doesn't work. As much as we're a networked company, and society, there's still no substitute for human interaction.

It's coming down to the wire now, though. The ship date is Friday, a lot of stuff is still not working, and the pace and tension pulses. We're all working tomorrow, Saturday. I'll probably end up working on Sunday, too. Got to get it done.

I left work at 6:00. Casey invited me and Sue to his room for dinner. He cooked chicken (skillet cooked in some white wine and spices), had corn and green beans for sides. We had Rocky Road Ice Cream for dessert. Casey and I, additionally, had two white chocolate fudge covered oreos. It was all very yum.

We finished dinner at about 7:30. Casey and I got our boots on and headed to North Hollywood to Oil Can Harry's. The traffic wasn't too bad, and we ended up getting there at about 8:45, and the place was closed!

Casey had to go to the bathroom, so we walked down the street looking for a fast food place, or somewhere to use the bathroom. He went into a 7-11, but there was no public restroom in there. We walked further, and came upon an Office Depot, which was closing in 7 minutes. Casey was successful in there.

By now it was about two minutes until nine, and we headed back to the bar. It had opened in the meantime. We were definitely two of the first few people in the bar. We tried a dance pretty much right away, though, and danced well together! Whew! Thank God he can lead. We danced one dance with me leading, and let's just say that once was enough.

It was a great night -- lots of dances, both two-stepping and line dances. I had my eye on this totally hot guy -- black tank top, goatee, what arms, chest... the kind of guy that would never give me the time of day. But after three bourbon and cokes, I asked him to dance.

I found myself lost in the dance.

We left there at about 1:00, and Casey drove back. How convenient that he doesn't drink. I'm glad I met him.

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