DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

One project down for the week, one to go...

Cassandra and I had a short, but very productive meeting today. I documented our last two meetings with minutes.

I turned in my Methods Analysis via Wolfware. I don't like how you can't delete a submission once you upload it. I didn't know it. I changed the name of the file, and updated it with the intention of deleting the other one, but then it wouldn't let me, so I ended up submitting two files, which are exactly the same except for the file name.

I crammed in today's reading assignment before getting to Dr. Katz's class. We actually had good discussion in there.

Dancing was fun tonight, more crowded than not, but not outrageous. There was a fun group of four guys, who took the lessons, so that made it lots of fun. Adam had a five o'clock shadow thing going on again -- absolutely adorable. The posse was there tonight, which added to the crowd and fun. Carl taught Dance, but we had a lot of "beauty school dropouts" before it was done. Dance is a hard dance. I didn't get it the first time I learned it, either.

George, the bartender, knew me by name, which surprised me.

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