DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Photo shoot...

Super-productive workday. My 1.5 hour ISO ID Walkthrough meeting went well, even though Mel never showed up.

Karen Guzman called me in response to my email to her on "Awkward Silence." It's a story she's doing for the N&O on Thursday. When it was all said and done, she said she was going to use a quote of mine in her story. Cool.

Right before leaving the office, at around 4:30, "Lisa" called from the N&O. "Hi, John. I'm a photographer for the N&O, and we were wondering if it would be possible to get a photo of you and your boyfriend 'just hanging out' tonight. I know it's late notice."

We made arrangements for her to come to my house between 7:30 and 8:00.

I dropped Courtney off at the Hertz place at the airport on the way to class. I arrived at about 5:40, and Amelia and Lars arrived shortly after that. I really like them. Amelia asked me for my contact information to invite me to a Tech Comm Holiday Party.

Class was decent. Erin told me how stressed out she was about her project notebook, having no experience in the software business. I can't imagine doing that project not knowing anything about software development. It was hard enough knowing 24 years worth of stuff about it.

Everyone seems to be struggling getting all the projects done this semester, so if nothing else we're all simpatico.

Robert was at my place when I got home, and I had time to heat and eat the leftover slice of pizza from last night. Yum.

Lisa arrived just before 8:00, and ended up taking shots of us until a little after 9:00 -- much longer than I thought it would take, and I started getting a little antsy about being able to get my paper written tonight. It's due tomorrow.

I finished it at 3:00AM, and am pretty pleased with it.

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