DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,


I studied at the library until about 7:30, and then met Joe at Flex. It was super crowded there with, evidently, the "after-Trash" crowd. Trash: The Movie premiered at the Rialto, I believe it was from 4 - 6:30, something like that, and I would guess that most of the people at Flex had come from there.

Ben and Dale were there, which was a nice surprise, and surprisingly, after not too long, we got a pool table. We played several games of doubles pool, and after a while Doug joined in the mix, with his friend Michael, whom I thought was a lawyer, but turned out to be a florist.

Every time someone tells me they're a florist I think about that word, and it bugs me that it's the same word for the building and the person who works in it. It just doesn't seem right. Why aren't people who work in florists called florers? Or, conversely, why aren't there photographists, programists, hairdressists, and preachists? On the other hand, there are botanists. However, they do not work in botanists.

Later in the evening we went to Legends, and watched the early drag show, which was actually not bad. Not great, mind you, but not bad.

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