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Cassandra didn't make our meeting today. I think she must still be in that leadership class. I got a Sametime from Dana today that said, "Dana B Dismukes: should be fun...I just wanted to make sure you were able to attend the audit....we will need your moral and intellectual support!" What struck me about this rather off-hand remark from her was that hearing "intellectual support" was a real satisfier for me. Interesting. I always think of my contributions to the teams as being a "support" role, but in my mind it's always in terms of "ISO support" or "process support." I should take a moment to thank her for that.

We had no class tonight due to Fall Break even though Fall Break officially is only Thursday and Friday. Dr. Dicks had mistakenly listed no class for this day in the syllabus, and decided to leave it that way.

I was at the library from about 8:30PM until 11:45PM. I have got to ask if I can take the reserve books out of that area for the next time. People just talk way too much in this area -- not to mention taking cell phone calls. I spent a lot of time with my fingers in my ears trying to read this article on studying and critiquing technical communications from a cultural studies perspective, which was very, very dense reading. It was way too abstract and theoretical with not enough examples or practical application discussion. Before reading it, I would have thought that critiquing or doing a study from a cultural perspective would be interesting; after reading it, "not so much."

Dr. Dicks returned my email on "In-Process Measurements" that I sent him, I think over the weekend, suggesting that he explain his "markings" (used on our questions/examples/observation assignments), as to what a check-minus, check, and check-plus means, and my other suggestion about choosing one or two of the check-plus items to share with the class. He seemed genuinely appreciative of getting feedback during the class instead of waiting until the end of the semester, and said he'd do both of those things. Cool.

I got an e-mail from the Trip Advisor folks saying that my review of the Mykonos Grand had been published. Glad to help those "grand" folks out with some free advertising. Mine's the entry with the title, "These folks GET customer service!" and it's in the list found here: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g189430-d250648-Reviews-Mykonos_Grand_Hotel_Resort-Mykonos_Cyclades.html

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