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Leather and such...

I worked from home today. Cassandra didn't check in for our 11:00 meeting; I wonder what happened to her.

I ran to the post office, and arrived just before 5:00, even though I had allowed plenty of time. Part of Hillsborough Street was closed from 5:00-5:30 for their Homecoming Parade. Shouldn't that be on a Saturday, earlier in the day? I signed for certified mail for TCW, which turned out to be a notification from the IRS.

I stopped at the Harris Teeter at Cameron Village on the way home, where I bought, among other things, two turkey wrapped in bacon medallions, which looked like filet mignons, and some potato salad.

At home, I sent email to the board about the letter.

Robert arrived a little after 7:00, after dealing with horrendous traffic the entire way. We had nachos and half of a Chicken Caesar Panini bread I also bought at Harris Teeter.

We got to Flex at about 10:15, 10:20. It was fairly festive for as early it was. They had hung a gate over the step leading up to the billiards area up by the bar, and hung these slashed curtains (tarp, really) from both doors between both sections of the bar. I think they were supposed to add some excitement as people came through them. Unfortunately, every time they started moving, and someone came through, they were pretty much the same old tired people. :-)

We left there some time near 11:30, and walked over to CCs with Jeff and Jerry -- nice guys. While we were walking a truck passed by us with an ad on it that said, "Power Washing," and I stopped, turned, jutted my butt toward it and said, "Over here! Over here!" We all cracked up.

CCs was pretty much the same old, same old, too. The drag show came on, and the first performer did a couple of gospel numbers, which I enjoyed but Robert wasn't in the mood for. Robert spent some time talking to Les, and I chatted with Van, who was there alone, as Adam was out of town visiting some relatives.

We left there just before 1:30, and stopped by the Burger King drive-thru. We ordered two Chicken Sandwiches, and the guy said, "That'll be $3.24."

"I want two of them," I said.

"Okay, that'll be $3.24; drive up."

"I want two sandwiches," I said a little more annoyed.

"Yes, they're two for $3.00; drive up, please."

Busted my belligerent ass. But, what a deal!



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