DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Line dancing lessons...

I worked from home today.

Class was okay tonight, but I wasn't very much into it again. Lars had his bright purple socks on again. I was going (wanted) to take the seat right next to Brian, but didn't want to be too obvious. So instead, I left a seat empty between us, which never got filled, and I caught glances of the hair on his forearms at regular intervals.

That one girl that talks a lot, not Tanya, another one, came about 10 or 15 minutes late. She didn't miss out on any of her talk time, though.

At 8:00, I went over to a311renegade's house and gave some line dancing lessons to him and photogrob. We went over Matador, Hanky Spanky, Backstreet Attitude, Bar Room Romeo, and the Watermelon Crawl. They caught on pretty quickly, and with the exception of the speaker crashing to the floor from the entertainment center, the damage to the house was limited. I regret not having met Renegade before leaving.

Though I was supposed to do homework, upon leaving I decided to stop by Flex to see how karaoke was going tonight. I was still wet with sweat when I got there, but since I had on a black shirt, and it's dark in Flex, it didn't show too much. As if I care about such things.

Wes (Jay's ex) was there, and we talked a bit, and played two games of pool. I won one, and he won one. I was glad he won the second game, because that seems important to him.

There was one guy, I think his name is Jonathan, who is just an absolutely atrocious singer, and worse, one of those who has no earthly idea he is. He hurt my ears.

Kurt came in shortly before I was leaving, and we spoke for a few minutes, and then he went to play a game of pool all by himself.

In my car, at 11:00, I turned on my cell phone to a message. It was Courtney. She'd grabbed Ben's keys instead of mine, and has been sitting in her car in front of my house since 9:00. "I hope you're not spending the night at Robert's," her voice mail said.

I called her right away, and she had been listening to a book on tape, and planning how if I didn't come home, she'd sleep in the car, and then go to the rec center in the morning to shower. Bless her heart.

At home, we cooked a CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza, looked at the first couple of packages of Greece pictures, and then hit the sack.

I worked on two N&O crossword puzzles I'd recently cut out of the complimentary papers they've been leaving my on Friday nights.

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