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My Will...

Other than starting 15 minutes late today, my meeting went well. Irene's Andrew pinged me today on AIM to ask me for some advice about buying a car from CarMax. I sent a note to the management team thanking them for last Tuesday's outing, and got two nice responses back -- one from Woody and one from Charley.

I left work at around 6:00, and there was surprisingly little traffic on I-40 on the way home.

In my mailbox, I found my updated Will and Powers of Attorney from my lawyer. I found a couple of errors in the cover letter, and the Will itself, not the least of which is one referring to my ex-wife as my sister. He also references "either of your brothers" at one point. I only have one brother.

I also see in it that if my brother doesn't survive me, his share goes to his living descendants. I'm not thrilled about that. I've already given his two kids a (paid for) house. That's their inheritance; they got it while I'm still alive. I have to rethink that as I mark it up for corrections.

I also think "Article II" is not worded the way I want it to be. For $225 an hour, you'd think the shit would be right the first time. I'd better not get charged another hour's time to make these corrections.

I was not at all "into" class tonight. I didn't offer any "insights" or ask any discussion questions. The teacher announced that Beth has dropped the class, which was very disappointing. She's one of my favorite people in there. The good news is that it's because she got a promotion at work, which is going to take up more time than her previous position. Brian was absent from class, which didn't help my mood in there, probably. He keeps that class "visually interesting" to me.

After class, I moved my car over to Hillsborough Street, closer to the library, and walked there. I sat at one end of a table that had a hot guy at the other end, with an Asian girl. They were studying together, and had another guy with them, who appeared to be either a class assistant or their tutor. They were solving complex math problems, though I got the impression it was more of a physics or engineering course than a pure math one. Their talking was a bit distracting.

The boy had nice biceps, a little five o'clock shadow going on, and killer hairy arms and legs. I imagined him to be a soccer player. He had two t-shirts on, the outer one white, and the under one with some writing on it that showed through the outer one.

A girl at the table next to ours was talking on her cell phone a lot, and she was using one of those handless phones, so basically was just talking out loud, with nothing visible in her ear nor up to her mouth.

At one point, she was talking very loudly about some coupons to a fast food joint, and the two at my table said, "She is talking so loud on that thing. Can you believe her?"

Ten minutes later his cell phone rings, and I hear his entire conversation with someone else who's evidently in another section of the library working on the same problems that they're working on.

Shortly after that, his study partner's phone rings, and I couldn't believe how loud she started talking -- much louder than him, and certainly as loud as the girl they bitched about at the adjacent table.

I thought about the studies that say everyone thinks everyone else is rude on their cellphones, but not themselves.

During my 2.5 hours there, I read an 18-page chapter in the book that's on reserve for our class, and typed up about 5 pages worth of notes on my laptop. That catches me up for the readings out of that book for this week.

I left there after 11:30. Another late night there.

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