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Back to Raleigh...

We did not receive our wake-up call, or if we did, we didn't hear it. At 10 after 11, Joe woke me up, "John-John. It's 10 after 11. We didn't get our wake-up call." We had to check out by noon.

I hopped in the shower forgoing the Apricot Scrub and Nutrogena bar, and was dressed, packed and ready to go by 11:45. We took a quick look at the progress of Hurricane Jeanne, and then checked out.

We got some (free) coffee in the lobby before leaving. A continental breakfast was actually included with the room, but it ended at 11:00, so we had missed it.

We stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way out, each ordered some coffee (I got charged full price), each ordered a bagel, and then shared a little box of assorted donut holes. We sat at a window counter, and enjoyed our breakfast people watching. As we ate, the wind picked up, and it started to rain.

We stopped at the Target right next door to look for spray gel. They didn't have the kind I wanted. I ended up buying a little travel size can of shaving cream, as mine's almost out. Joe bought some toothpaste, and a couple of other things I can't remember, and then a three-pack of Chapstick at the register.

We had planned on stopping by the beach, if just for a short walk, on the way out, but with the rain, decided to just go ahead and get on the road.

We listened to a little more Eva Cassidy, and then put on some tunes we could both sing to. The ride went fairly quickly.

At home, I did homework until 6:30, and then left to meet Joe at Flex. We actually got a pool table fairly early in the evening, and played several games of pool. We (mostly Joe) talked with Roy for quite a while. Roy was explaining some medical situation to Joe, asking him his opinion about it. I never did find out what that was about.

Andre wasn't there, which was great.

I left at 9:00, and stopped by Chargrill on the way to State's library. I ended up staying there until about 11:50, taking notes on my laptop while reading the required readings for tomorrow night.

For the first hour or so, this hot young kid was sitting across the table from me with what appeared to be his Spanish tutor. He has nice biceps with a t-shirt under a polo shirt. An almost-shaved head. Just distracting enough.

I left Joe a good night voice mail message on the way back to my car.



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