January 22nd, 2016

Dry January (Day 22)

~Friday~  It snowed today, and Bob and I walked to Seaboard Station to catch the R-Line over to The Borough. It was running mid-afternoon when I checked it to make sure, but by the time we walked to the stop at about 4:10, it had—apparently—gone "out of service."

We ended up walking the rest of the way to The Borough, where our friends Wayne and David joined us shortly thereafter.

Although I really wanted a nice, heavy-poured (the only kind they serve at The Borough) bourbon and soda to reward myself for making the nearly 2-mile trek in the snow to get there, I ordered a Shirley Temple. (Lah-dee-fucking-dah.)

Thoughts and observations since my last update, which was a week ago, on Dry January (Day 15):

  • Yesterday, I got a big, fat raise, and I mean a big, fat raise, and I desperately wanted to celebrate it with a drink.

  • I made what turned out to be the last payment of a pretty hefty monthly bill that I thought I had one more payment left on, and I wanted to have a drink to celebrate that.

  • Obviously, celebrating is a trigger, since it's the third time I've mentioned it now.

  • I saw "bourbon chicken" on a restaurant menu, and I wondered if it would be "cheating" to order that.

  • The first of the two events (the annual "birthdays dinner" with a big group of friends) coming up that I've talked about being challenging to attend "dry" has been postponed (due to threatening weather predictions) until February, so that's good.

  • However, an event has been added to combat the cabin fever that a lot of people are feeling due to this weather—an impromptu neighborhood potluck and games night tomorrow night, at which (I'm thinking), it would be lovely to have a couple of drinks.

  • I have really been keeping an eye on the calendar as I approach the final week of this experience.

22 days down, 9 to go!