June 27th, 2015

The Main Event...

~Saturday~  Bob and I watched the next movie, The Main Event, in the list of Barbra Streisand movies, which we're working our way through in chronological order.

The synopsis

Hillary Kramer (Streisand), a successful perfume magnate awakes one morning to find that her accountant has robbed her blind and left for South America. Going through all of her remaining assets she finds a boxer, purchased as a tax write off. She decides to take Eddie "Kid Natural" Scanlon (Ryan O'Neal) who is much more at home giving driving lessons, into the ring and use him as her key to riches.

The trailer

My thoughts and observations

  • This film was entertaining enough. <Shallow alert.>Ryan O'Neal with his shirt off a lot definitely made it more interesting that it might otherwise have been.</Shallow alert.>

  • I thought that, at times, the humor rose almost to screwball comedy level, which is not my favorite genre.

  • The chemistry between Ryan and Barbra didn't reach the level I wanted it to.

  • Themes touched on in this movie included:

    • Traditional male and female roles

    • Power dynamics in relationships

    • Social class differences

    • Careers and love

    • Underdogs and "comeback kids"

  • I gave this movie one thumb up. I guess I prefer the Barbra movies in which she sings, and although I do love the title song, it only plays at the end when the credits are rolling. Here it is for your listening pleasure.

Have you seen this movie? If so, what did you think of it?