April 15th, 2015

Poetic collaboration around one of Bob's daily walks...

~Wednesday~   Inspired by a similar exercise, Bob recently took 13 pictures during one of his daily walks. He then asked me to co-author this blog entry by devising a haiku for each one of them.

My haiku are "out of context," since I wasn't on the walk with him. He had the advantage (or not) of actually being there.

Signs at McDonald's

Bob's haiku:
Do I come in here
Do you really want me here
I think I will pass

John's haiku:
Come on in, but don't
You are welcome here, not there
One billion confused

Indoor frog

Bob's haiku:
Well, good morning you!
Will you join me for breakfast?
Thanks for hopping by

John's haiku:
What's under that lid
Don't leap to a conclusion
Frog legs for dinner?

Dogwood-lined street

Bob's haiku:
Canopy of white
Happens every spring 'round here
Dogwood cathedral

John's haiku:
Dogwoods line the street
Second Thursday of the month
Time to recycle

Road closed detour

Bob's haiku:
Sidewalk's still open
Pushing dirt around for months
Orange vests each morn

John's haiku:
Don't really want to
Drive my car on the sidewalk
But I must detour

Cement chicken yard ornaments

Bob's haiku:
Cement birds out back
No clucks, no crowing, no eggs
Such a fowl presence

John's haiku:
Pet cemetery
Chicken headstones mark their graves
Formerly roadkill

Ants on green worm

Bob's haiku:
Green worm for dinner
Wish ants would eat all of them
Bugged by nasty pests

John's haiku:
Ants on bacon strips
Just before the deep frying
Next year's state fair's fare

Yard pinwheels

Bob's haiku:
Twirling in the breeze
Don't need spring flowers up here
Pinwheels in the yard

John's haiku:
Fanciful yard garb
Pinwheel windmills in the breeze
Brighten up the bed

Row houses

Bob's haiku:
Desolate, empty
Slated to be all torn down
Changes are coming

John's haiku:
There beside the street
Row houses all in a row
Hence the term for them

Plaid house

Bob's haiku:
Could not choose color
So let's use them all, he said
Birth of a plaid house

John's haiku:
Abode and flora
A house that's plaid, not sad, and
A truncated trunk

Yard ornament

Bob's haiku:
Drag queen garden art?
Oriental yard goddess?
Who needs a scarecrow?

John's haiku:
I like her chef's hat
That turkey leg feeds seven
Now just need a grill

Church steeple

Bob's haiku:
Here is the steeple
Where have all the people gone
Empty on weekdays

John's haiku:
Steeple in the sky
Or is it a great big plus
Religion or math

Front yard motorcycles

Bob's haiku:
Two motorcycles
Ready for an adventure
Never been on one

John's haiku:
Hell's Angels live here
Soon to be two-wheelin' it
Where are their helmets

X on street

Bob's haiku:
x means replacement
Daily checking my forehead
Look for orange paint

John's haiku:
Missing "rays" or "files"
Hyphens and some suffixes
Added to make words