February 16th, 2015

Jersey Girl...

~Monday~  Using my Amazon Prime subscription, I started watching Chasing Amy, and about 15 minutes into it, I abandoned it. Too much smoking and smoke being blown in people's faces. And way too heterocentric for my taste.

Since Ben Affleck was at top of mind, I chose Jersey Girl, probably because it was on the "Those who watched Chasing Amy also watched..." list.

In a strange coincidence, after finding out only a couple of weeks ago, while watching an unfinished life, that Jennifer Lopez also acted (I knew she was a singer, but didn't know she acted), here she was in this movie, too.

The synopsis

After his career is sidelined from an unexpected tragedy and a personal blowup, a single man must take care of his precocious daughter.

The trailer

My thoughts and observations

  • I liked this movie, but definitely did not love it.

  • I found it a little schmaltzy, with the precocious child gig a little over done.

  • Themes touched on:
    • Setting and keeping priorities
    • How precious life is
    • Single parenting
    • Mourning and mourning periods
    • Family (how important it is and who comprises it)
    • What success is
  • I never sensed great chemistry between Ben Affleck's character and Liv Tyler's character.

  • The actor playing the grandfather looked so familiar to me, but I couldn't place him. During the credit roll, I saw that it was George Carlin, and thought, "Of course."

  • This was a one-thumb up movie for me.

Have you seen this movie? If so, what did you think of it?