February 2nd, 2015

The Little Shop of Horrors

~Monday~  I watched the 1960 version of The Little Shop of Horrors, not realizing that I would never hear the song Suddenly Seymour at anytime during the movie.

I watched this movie free as part of my Amazon Prime subscription, and I was happy to not have paid for it—more so because I'm cheap than because it wasn't amazing.

The synopsis

A clumsy young man nurtures a plant and discovers that it's carnivorous, forcing him to kill to feed it.

The trailer

My thoughts and observations

  • I liked it, not loved it—especially since I didn't realize it wasn't the musical version that came later in 1986, and which dropped the word "The" from its title: Little Shop of Horrors.

  • Themes touched on:
    • Love
    • Fame
    • Authority figure (i.e., mother and boss) manipulation of others

  • I was glad to find out (afterward) that this movie was supposed to be "campy," because that's the exact word I used to describe it while watching it.

  • Audrey's (played by Jackie Joseph) voice reminded me of Frenchy's in Grease, played by Didi Conn.

  • The way the Gravis Mushnick, played by Mel Welles, talked reminded me of a recent NPR story I heard called, "Fuhgeddaboudit: New York Accent On Its Way Out, Linguists Say."

  • Overall, one thumb up. Although if you like camp and dark comedy, you'd probably enjoy it more than I did.

Have you seen this movie? If so, what did you think of it?