DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Journal Analysis

I spent the entire day today analyzing the last five years of the journal, Written Communication. We each picked a journal for which we're answering 10 questions, such as, "How often is the journal published? What are the primary topics covered by the articles in the journal? What affiliations do the authors typically have? What kinds of citations do the authors typically cite in their articles? What's the journal's strength?"

I was able to view the last five years of the journal electronically, so was able to answer all but the last question without leaving the house. The last question was, "How does the hardcopy of the journal differ from the electronic copy, if it does?"

During the day, I did two loads of laundry with dirty clothes from vacation.

I shaved and showered at about 6, and then headed to the library. The current editions of periodicals are stored in a different place than the older ones. I found the hardcopy of this journal for the four 2003 editions, and the three 2004 editions. (The fourth 2004 edition doesn't come out until October.) I made notes about how it differed from what I'd seen online.

I got to Flex at about 7:15. Cecil and Byron were there, and Cecil had grown a goatee. OMG. He's so handsome without facial hair. He was hot, hot, hot. I watched them play pool until Joe arrived at about 7:45.

Eventually, I played Byron one game of pool, of which he scratched on the 8-ball. Joe played one game against him, and then he gave up the table to us. We played probably five games, and then stopped.

I listened to a couple of singers of karaoke, and then went home, and finished up the Journal Analysis paper by typing in the notes I had taken at the library earlier.

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