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October 14th, 2014


Well, I can't speak for all retirees, but this is how my day went. It's rather unremarkable, but I'm happy to report that I wasn't bored for a single minute. Overall assessment: It's not a bad gig.

Here's the high-level summary of my day:

  1. Got up after 8 complete hours of sleep.

  2. Checked my Google calendar and scanned the morning news.

  3. Sent an email—to the people on the two (one on Facebook, the other on Evite) invitations to my retirement gathering this afternoon—about it being (very) casual dress and about running a tab being the best bet for multiple drinks.

  4. Had breakfast, not without photographing it and making a Facebook posting about it, since it involved eating one of my retirement gifts.

  5. Enjoyed the soundtrack from Ladies in Lavender while having breakfast, "Facebooking," and making moves in 4 of my 10 concurrently running Scrabble games.

  6. Changed my Red Hat email "Out of the Office" message.

  7. Changed my LinkedIn work status to "Retired."

  8. Read Dear Prudence. Love her!

  9. Composed my 286th and 287th haiku of the year for my Facebook Haiku Ninja group, in which we've committed to write a haiku a day throughout 2014. (In the excitement of both my birthday and retiring, I forgot to write yesterday's, hence the two today.)

  10. I arrived at my gym at 11:45, where in an hour and 20 minutes, I did 240 ab crunches, an upper body workout (8 weight resistence machines), and 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine for a total of 1137 calories burned according to tracker.dailyburn.com.

  11. Facebooked and make some more Scrabble moves.

  12. Responded to a couple of e-rewards.com surveys (for cash, of course).

  13. Left for Bob's at 3:30, picked him up and went to The Borough for my informal retirement gathering, of about 40 people over the course of 3 hours.

Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure I felt stress leaving my body throughout the day.




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