April 2nd, 2013

Why. Not. I'll lie myself to sleep...

~Tuesday~  Back on March 10, I posted an entry about playlists my friend Bob is creating—and how every once in a while, when I listen to his latest compilation, I come across a song that I've never heard of, and fall instantly in love with it.

At that time, it was When I Dream.

Well, it's happened again. This time the song came on during Bob's Zzzzzz... playlist, and when I first heard it, I immediately thought of this song, which I absolutely love:

However, since the words were not those, I concentrated on the artist, and I kept saying, "Yeah, that's Annie Lennox. No, wait. Yeah, it sounds like her in Why, which is why I thought of that song. No, I'm not sure.

As it turned out it wasn't Annie Lennox; it was Shelby Lynne, singing I'll Lie Myself to Sleep, which I love, love love!