July 19th, 2012

No parking, unless it's your tush!

~Thursday~  In a recent blog entry, I mentioned two "out there" experiences that I've had as a result of social media: 1) Meeting someone who read my "buscapades" and accosted me on the street, and 2) A guy who was one of the victims of a crime for which I sat on the jury 10 years ago.

Those two involved my blog. This latest incident involves Facebook.

Earlier this week, at just before 1:00 in the afternoon, I posted on Facebook this photo that I took while on my lunch time walk:

Parking not possible, although sitting certainly seems so. Or:
No parking unless it's your tush. #RoadsideScene
#DuringLunchWalk #LovedTheJuxtaposition

A recliner on the side of the road next to a 'No Parking' sign.

Later that day, at around 8:00 at night, a work colleague of mine posted these two comments:

John, you won't believe this, but that chair came from my house! We put it on the sidewalk with a 'take me' sign on and it disappeared 3 days later. Now we know where its next home is!! Hilarious, and then, World's ugliest chair that we bought in 1998 and I hated the minute the delivery truck unloaded it.

How wild is that???