June 19th, 2012

A possibly used palate cleanser... and disclosed statistics...

~Tuesday~ Today I participated in another taste test at the Sensory Service Center, about which I referred to—in my mind on the way back to my office—as the Sensory Deprivation Center.

Today's was a short Hamburger Taste Test, advertised as 10 minutes for a $5 gift card to Target, and my first concern was finding this at my participant station—a palate cleanser that looked like it might possibly have already cleared a previous participant's palate:

What looks like a bitten-into Saltine

It was indeed a quick test. I tasted two hamburger patties, rated their flavor, their juiciness, and my overall satisfaction with them, and then had to choose the one I liked the best.

I repeated that with two other patties. All of them looked liked those stacked frozen patties you'd buy, not ones you'd make from fresh ground beef that you might grill.

In other survey news, I took one for one of the two online survey companies I regularly participate in—and get paid for, of course—about how much pork I eat and know how to prepare, and at the end of it, this screen appeared, which I'm quite sure shouldn't have:

A screen showing a bunch of attributes and values about how I answered various questions

That green "progress indicator" also made me wonder about where it thought I was in the survey, as the next screen said: "The survey is complete. Thank you for your participation."

Surveyors of the world, get it together!