March 13th, 2012

That's a lot of weight to bear...

~Tuesday~  Two things happened in close enough sequence yesterday as to make me laugh:

   1) I thought, "I sure am tired today," and
   2) I noticed's reporting of the amount of total weight I lifted last week as part of my upper
        and lower body workouts.

30,125 pounds lifted on Monday, 03/12/12

64,125 pounds lifted on Sunday, 03/11/12

29,475 pounds lifted on Saturday, 03/10/12

63,750 pounds lifted on Thursday, 03/08/12

29,250 pounds lifted on Tuesday, 03/06/12

No wonder I'm tired! That's a ton of weight. Actually, at 216,725 pounds, it's 108.3625 tons of weight! I'm Superman!