January 20th, 2012

The MASH game... yes, at my age...

~Friday~ This actually happened earlier in the week, but I'm only now capturing it, because I wanted to scan in the document (below) with a scanner as opposed to just taking a picture of it with my phone, and it's a little bit of an inconvenience to use my scanner.

My friend, Jen, dropped into my office and I don't know how the subject came up, but she mentioned the "MASH" game, which I had never heard of. "You never played it as a kid?" she asked incredulously.

Well, if we did, I certainly didn't remember it. Perhaps my sister would.

Jen insisted that I play it and frantically scratched on a pad what you see below, and then asked me a bunch of questions to fill it in:

The MASH game

So, what this means is that I'm going to live in a mansion (the "M" in MASH), with my husband Adam and our dog. After graduating from Harvard, I'll be making $100,000, and driving around in my Mini Cooper, while being a dancer on Broadway. I will vacation in Australia some time before I die on October 13, 2023 at 66 years old.

Of course, this day and age, there is an online version of MASH for you to play yourself! Dream away!