January 17th, 2012

A plethora of problems...

~Tuesday~ There are so many things wrong with my car right now, it's both annoying and discouraging:

Brake warning indicator
Electric seat recliner
Check engine indicator
Console encasing rear passenger door lock and window control
Valet key
Driver's door handle

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • My brake light has been for probably a year now. I've had the brakes checked twice, and both times they've said there's nothing wrong with them. The brakes aren't worn and the fluid levels look good.

  • Many months ago now, my driver's seat got stuck partially reclined. It's not to the point of lying down, but it's far enough reclined that I need to throw a pillow behind my back each time after I get in and buckle up.

  • Right before my odometer flipped over to 100,000, and I mean like at 99,970 the light came on, and the people at Jiffy Lube read the code and said it was because my gas tank lid wasn't screwed on tight enough or some such nonsense and they cleared it. I drove about 30 miles (right after leaving there), and right after my odometer flipped to 100,000, it came back on. I've been told that some cars do that at 100,000, so I've just been ignoring it—since the end of September 2011.

  • That little console on the arm of my rear passenger door has popped out, and it won't go back into its slot. You can still lock the door and move the window up and down, however.

  • I lost my main set of keys in the first week of November, and my car fob was on it. After finally accepting they weren't going to be found, I put my secondary (non-fob) key on a new key chain, and have been having to unlock and lock my door with the key, as well as opening the trunk by hand with they key. A week ago Monday I lost that set of keys. Now I'm down to my valet key, which won't open my trunk at all or my glove compartment. Ridiculous.

  • Last Saturday, I pulled on my door handle to open my driver door, and the handle broke off! On my model that door handle is hard plastic, and when I lifted up on that part in the middle that opens the door, it broke off in my hand. Now I have to push up on one part of what's left and then grab the side where the plastic is broken (and a little sharp) in order to put enough pressure on it to lift it up and open the door. More ridiculous.

And as if all of that is not enough, several weeks ago my right low beam headlight went out, but after buying a replacement, when I tried to change it, it came back on. So, I returned the new bulb, since I hadn't opened it.

Well, last night, I noticed it was out again, so I stopped at Advanced Auto on the way home and bought:

Low beam headlight (but could be a techno inhaler, no?)

At home, thinking it would take two seconds, because I learned how to do it previously, I pulled the bulb out that wasn't working, but the new one was way hard to get in. I pushed it down far enough for it to "click," but then it still didn't work.

I couldn't push it any further in, and when I tried to pull it back out, I ended up breaking the plastic casing on it trying to get it out, and never was able to get it out. It's just crazy. I hate car #$%&!