January 13th, 2012

Quiet thoughts about Joyful Noise...

~Friday~  Tonight I saw Joyful Noise, which I knew I would enjoy after seeing the previews for it before My Week With Marilyn a week ago Monday. Besides, what's not to like about Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton?

Thoughts and observations about the movie:

  • I think the actress, Keke Palmer, playing Queen Latifah's daughter has an exceptional voice.

  • At times, okay most of the time, this seemed like one huge Glee episode to me, albeit with the racial mix pretty much flip-flopped.

  • Dolly continues to have an amazing voice and a huge heart. (← no pun intended)

  • I love the Queen—great pair on her, too. And her lungs are great, too. Badumpbump. We're here until the end of the blog entry, folks. Try the veal.

  • This movie had a predictable Hollywood destination (figuratively and literally), but I forgave that for the entertaining music during the journey.

  • If you like musicals, and/or Queen Latifah, and/or Dolly, and/or Glee, and/or church choir music, I'm pretty sure you'll love this movie.